Saturday, August 24, 2013

Quilled Branch of Flowers

I wanted to post this piece of work for more than a month but, unfortunately, my laptop crashed and things got delayed thereafter. Well, I'm back now and hope to get things back on track.

In this work, I tried to reproduce a tattoo which I came across sometime back so, I have no name in particular for the "flower" quilled.

I enlarged the image to fit a 9*12 canvas and then quilled accordingly.

I started out by making tight coils of 1/8th inch width and 17 inch long light pink colored paper strips.

Then shaped each coil into a semi grape roll.

I attached a gold strip of paper of 1/8th inch to a 3/8th inch light pink strip and then made a fringed flower with gold tip out of it.

I glued three semi grape rolls where each roll overlaps on to other so, it would look like a flower bud.

A view from the top.

Each flower consists of five grape rolls and one fringed flower. I crafted the flowers individually and then glued them to the canvas.

I used 1/8th inch strips of brown and light brown for the branches. I pinched the strips so the branches would have a rustic finish.

A closer look at the branches.

Lastly, I glued the quilled leaves to the canvas.