Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Birthday Card

Made this card for a friend of mine, who turned thirty last week. Since it was the 30th, I accentuated the number.

I crafted the entire work on a white cardstock, then cut and glued it to a blank card in order to add some depth to the card.

I set out by drawing a champagne bottle with a pencil and then glued the quilling strips accordingly.
Here, I must mention that it would have been much easier for a first timer, like me if I started quilling from the inside of the bottle to the outside rather than the opposite.

I crafted the numbers and the cork of the bottle similar to that of the champagne bottle. I then placed the quilled paper swirls, drops and circles in accordance with the space. I used light colored strips for the numbers and bright ones for the rest so as to balance out the colors.

I stamped the words "happy birthday" on the inside of the card.

Lastly, placed a pale blue ribbon on to one side of the card.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother's Day Card

Well, I'm not a person who is into celebrating mother's day, but I thought my mom would love something handmade so I decided to go ahead and make her a card. 

I symbolically tend to relate mothers to flowers so having a flower on my card was a must, which lead me to craft a deconstructed flower card.

I used purple colored strips of quilling paper to make the petals and a tight coil of yellow colored strip of paper to represent the eye of the flower.

For the petals, I made a circular loop by placing a single strip of paper around the top of a nail lacquer bottle. Then pinched the circle on opposite ends to get the marquise shaped petal.

I used charcoal color for stamping the words "happy mother's day".

Finally, added a pink textured ribbon and yellow colored adhesive pearls at either end of the ribbon.