Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Card

When I hear the word "Easter" first thing that comes to my mind is the basket, a basket full of colorful eggs!
So I decided to make a colorful egg basket card. My source of inspiration was this clip art from about.com.

I started out with the making of the basket. I used Alli Bartkowski's technique of braiding the paper strips to construct the top and the bottom tiers of the basket. Then attached 1 inch paper strips to connect both. Lastly arranged few paper strips perpendicular to the 1 inch strips to form the basket.

For the handle, I attached a tendril made out of a single paper strip to the either side of the basket.
I made the tendril following instructions from this video by Inna Dorman.

I made grape rolls and pinched them slightly to one end so that they would form an egg like shape. Next, I shred wrapping paper into thin strips of 1 inch length and used them to fill the basket.

Eventually, I stamped the words "happy easter" on the card.


  1. loved your basket and overall quilling

  2. The basket looks gorgeous. Love the woven bit and the color.

    1. Thank you Christine. I chose the colors in order to get the look of a cane basket.