Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello Card

I made this card to take part in Pinspired challenge #16. Pinspired is a biweekly challenge blog that calls out to turn pins into projects.

The card is a standard 4.25 * 5.5.

Inspiration for this week is a colorful floral pin.

I started out by stamping the flowers on a white card stock. I then cut and pasted them so as to add some layer card.

I die cut the tag and outlined it with a pink colored sketch. I stamped the words "hello" before binding the tag with twine.

Lastly added rhinestones on the corners.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Quilled Branch of Flowers

I wanted to post this piece of work for more than a month but, unfortunately, my laptop crashed and things got delayed thereafter. Well, I'm back now and hope to get things back on track.

In this work, I tried to reproduce a tattoo which I came across sometime back so, I have no name in particular for the "flower" quilled.

I enlarged the image to fit a 9*12 canvas and then quilled accordingly.

I started out by making tight coils of 1/8th inch width and 17 inch long light pink colored paper strips.

Then shaped each coil into a semi grape roll.

I attached a gold strip of paper of 1/8th inch to a 3/8th inch light pink strip and then made a fringed flower with gold tip out of it.

I glued three semi grape rolls where each roll overlaps on to other so, it would look like a flower bud.

A view from the top.

Each flower consists of five grape rolls and one fringed flower. I crafted the flowers individually and then glued them to the canvas.

I used 1/8th inch strips of brown and light brown for the branches. I pinched the strips so the branches would have a rustic finish.

A closer look at the branches.

Lastly, I glued the quilled leaves to the canvas.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Be Mine Card

I made this clean and simple card to take part in this week's CAS(E) this Sketch challenge #34. I initially wanted to quill the hearts but then saw these color papers lying around so used them instead.

The card base is a standard size of 4.25 * 5.5 while the layered white cardstock is 4.0 * 5.25.

I scored horizontal lines on the cut white cardstock to keep it in accordance with the sketch provided.

I then die cut the hearts from colored tissue paper.

I wanted to place each cut heart 2 cm apart from the other so made markings accordingly.

I stamped the bee on a white cardstock, then cut and colored it before placing it on the card.

Lastly added few rhinestones here and there.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Some Quilling Some Stamping

Last week I ordered a couple of stamps to try some image stamping other than the sentiment ones. While I was making attempts at it, I found this interesting challenge on "Lulupu" and gave it a try. Here's the outcome.

Both the cards are a standard size of 4.25 * 5.5

I have used Avery Elle's "Modern Leaves" clear stamp set.

I started out by stamping the entire front of the card with a leaf stamp in two different colors.

I then cut strips of 4.25 inch length with variable widths, one such that it would fit the sentiment.

I attached the strips suitably and finished the card with pearl embellishments.

I made the second card for a friend's house warming ceremony. I stuck to conventional design for this card and adjoined the stamped leaves with twine so they would resemble a "thoranam" pattern.

I traced out a picture of Ganesha from one of the wedding cards I had at home.

I then quilled the entire picture using 1/16th inch strips of paper except the eye which is an adhesive rhinestone.

Finally, glued rhinestones on top of the leaves.

Entering this card to Lulupu's Challenge #13 Lady Stamp-A-Lot.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quilled Earrings

When I first started quilling I had a checklist of things I wanted to quill within the first few months. As time started to pass the things in the list never materialized and I went ahead doing other stuff. To quill earrings was among that list I made and I'm glad it finally happened.

The traditional gold earrings found in India had a considerable influence on me while making this project. Hence, having the color gold in the earrings became important to me. So I was on the lookout for the "right" colored strips of gold, by "right" I mean an antique gold color. After searching and not finding one, I decided to go ahead and paint the ivory strips gold.

For the bottom part of the earrings, I made a circular loop by joining two paper strips of 17 inch length and then filled the insides with a gold colored paper strip using beehive quilling technique by Susan. 
Here's a video of the technique by Pritesh Dagur.

For the upper part, I made two tight coils by rolling two 17 inch strips of 1/8th inch width into each coil and then painted them gold.

I used two jump rings of size 6 mm and 4 mm to join the coil with the fish hook.

Lastly I attached each coil to their respective bases and applied a coat of mod podge.

Here's a look at the second pair of earrings.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Birthday Card

Made this card for a friend of mine, who turned thirty last week. Since it was the 30th, I accentuated the number.

I crafted the entire work on a white cardstock, then cut and glued it to a blank card in order to add some depth to the card.

I set out by drawing a champagne bottle with a pencil and then glued the quilling strips accordingly.
Here, I must mention that it would have been much easier for a first timer, like me if I started quilling from the inside of the bottle to the outside rather than the opposite.

I crafted the numbers and the cork of the bottle similar to that of the champagne bottle. I then placed the quilled paper swirls, drops and circles in accordance with the space. I used light colored strips for the numbers and bright ones for the rest so as to balance out the colors.

I stamped the words "happy birthday" on the inside of the card.

Lastly, placed a pale blue ribbon on to one side of the card.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother's Day Card

Well, I'm not a person who is into celebrating mother's day, but I thought my mom would love something handmade so I decided to go ahead and make her a card. 

I symbolically tend to relate mothers to flowers so having a flower on my card was a must, which lead me to craft a deconstructed flower card.

I used purple colored strips of quilling paper to make the petals and a tight coil of yellow colored strip of paper to represent the eye of the flower.

For the petals, I made a circular loop by placing a single strip of paper around the top of a nail lacquer bottle. Then pinched the circle on opposite ends to get the marquise shaped petal.

I used charcoal color for stamping the words "happy mother's day".

Finally, added a pink textured ribbon and yellow colored adhesive pearls at either end of the ribbon.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Card

When I hear the word "Easter" first thing that comes to my mind is the basket, a basket full of colorful eggs!
So I decided to make a colorful egg basket card. My source of inspiration was this clip art from

I started out with the making of the basket. I used Alli Bartkowski's technique of braiding the paper strips to construct the top and the bottom tiers of the basket. Then attached 1 inch paper strips to connect both. Lastly arranged few paper strips perpendicular to the 1 inch strips to form the basket.

For the handle, I attached a tendril made out of a single paper strip to the either side of the basket.
I made the tendril following instructions from this video by Inna Dorman.

I made grape rolls and pinched them slightly to one end so that they would form an egg like shape. Next, I shred wrapping paper into thin strips of 1 inch length and used them to fill the basket.

Eventually, I stamped the words "happy easter" on the card.